Chapter Training Program

Having a high-quality event can mean so much for your chapter: it increases the value of membership for current members; it attracts new members; and it raises funds for your chapter.


Attracting dynamic speakers can be a challenge, but a great speaker can be the difference between having a run-of-the-mill seminar versus hosting a highly successful event with satisfied attendees.

All chapters have access to ACFE’s highly-rated faculty through the Chapter Training Program. If your chapter would like to plan a one- or two-day seminar in 2014, consider booking your speaker through the Chapter Training Program.

So far this year, both the Central Virginia Chapter and the Lansing Chapter have utilized the program to bring high-quality speakers to their cities.

How does it work?

  • The ACFE schedules your speaker.
  • The ACFE provides course materials in electronic format.
  • The ACFE provides email marketing assistance for the event to help ensure success.

You choose the topic, time and venue of the event, and you are responsible for travel and other expenses for the speaker.

The program operates similarly to ACFE’s On-Site Training program, but chapters receive additional discounts and services.

Contact me, Ashley Stone, for more details if your chapter is interested.