Recap of New Resources for Chapter Leaders

The ACFE knows that for our chapters to be successful we must provide more resources to make things easier for you and find new ways to help you promote your chapter.

In 2014, we unveiled several new resources for chapter leaders. Here is a sampling of resources we’ve added in case you missed them:

  • More links to the Calendar of Chapter Events have been placed in the training and events section of The increased traffic to that webpage provides more visibility for your chapter events to members looking for local training options. Please make sure you are adding all of your chapter’s events of more than four hours to the calendar. In the first half of 2015, the calendar will undergo some minor upgrades that will result in a better overall look.
  • The ACFE partnered with a printing company to offer an online portal allowing you to order letterhead and business cards with your chapter’s logo and contact information.
  • The ACFE IT team implemented upgrades to the Chapter Member list found on the Chapter Administration page for each chapter. You can now easily download the list in Excel (no more copying and pasting). We have also added a column showing you the members that prefer not to be contacted via email.
  • Demographics reports were made available for your chapter to determine who current and potential members are and what they are interested in. Compiled from ACFE’s membership records, this data provides you an overview of the types of members in your region, which industries your fellow members are most likely to work in and other general information.
  • The Chapter Training Program was introduced to help chapters find highly-rated speakers for their 1- and 2-day events for an affordable fee.
  • ACFE’s Handbook and Guidelines for Local Chapters was revised for the first time since 2010 to remove outdated information. The handbook provides guidance on fulfilling the minimum expectations for your chapter.

Expect to see more improvements coming your way in 2015, and please send me ideas and suggestions that you may have for the ACFE to help you in your positions as chapter leaders.