New Resources for Chapter Leaders

The arrival of fall brings many changes: kids go back to school, the (American) football season begins, the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to turn vibrant colors. This fall also brings several changes for ACFE chapters and chapter leaders.

There are several new items to share, and I hope these changes make your jobs as chapter leaders somewhat easier:

  • Prompted by popular demand at the Chapter Leaders Meeting at the 25th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference in San Antonio, the ACFE IT team implemented upgrades to the Chapter Member list found on the Chapter Administration page for each chapter. You can now easily download the list in Excel (no more copy and pasting). We have also added a column showing you which members prefer not to be contacted via email. In the coming months, be on the lookout for an additional feature which will allow you to find new members or new CFEs within a certain date range.
  • Another new resource for chapter leaders will be up and running soon: we have partnered with a printing company to offer an online portal allowing you to order letterhead and business cards with your chapter’s logo and contact information. The portal should be open in the next few weeks, and I will make an announcement with more information at that time.
  • The Chapter Administration page on has been revamped. This page is accessible to the designated chapter leaders for each chapter. After logging onto, simply click on your chapter’s link on the List of Chapters, and you will have access to this page. Here you will find various chapter resources including the Chapter Member list, and sample forms and communications.

I hope that you find these changes to be helpful, and feel free to send your feedback and suggestions to me at any time.