Chapter Leader Profile: Robert Kilian, CFE

Robert Kilian, CFE

Robert Kilian, CFE

Robert Kilian is co-founder and president of the German Chapter. Kilian’s long career in the security and fraud-fighting area started as a police officer with the Federal Border Guard, then the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Kilian has also worked for several international companies as security and risk manager including the European Central Bank and the Swedish furniture company IKEA. Today he serves as region managing director (EMEA) for Pinkerton and is in his fourth term as president of the German Chapter. Kilian also lectures about risk management at the University of Vienna.

What do you consider the greatest achievement to date?

Each solved case is an achievement. However, during my time as risk manager for Europe at IKEA we succeeded in uncovering a big fraud case. Due to our investigation, all fraudsters were caught by the police and sentenced to several years in prison. The detailed investigation documents helped the company recover all losses — a value of several million Euros.

How has the CFE benefited your career?

The CFE credential has been a great benefit in my career. It helps show expertise and knowledge in the fraud-fighting business. It increases awareness and acceptance of employers and clients and demonstrates an international approach.

What are the benefits of serving as a chapter leader?

During my years as president of the German Chapter I have enlarged my professional network extraordinarily. The exchange with colleagues of other companies, legal authorities and other interested parties helps to increase my own knowledge that can be applied at my job at Pinkerton.

What goals would you like to help the chapter accomplish?

I like to strengthen and improve the reputation of the German Chapter by increasing activities to serve not only the members of the German Chapter but also the German public. The German Chapter offers congresses and seminars, and for several years we have also developed and published investigation standards for Germany and Austria. The existing cooperation with the Austrian and the Swiss Chapters of the ACFE and the German Chapter of ACAMS will be expanded as well.

What are your favorite activities and hobbies outside of work?

When working in an international environment with lots of business travel, there is a need to balance this with sport. For my physical fitness, I run as often as possible and I go to a boxing club once or twice a week. I am also very interested in politics, history and literature.

Do you have any advice for other chapter leaders?

Be bold. Inform the public about the activities and opinions of your chapter. With the members of your chapter behind you, you have a high concentration of knowledge and experience to offer!