Highlights from Fraud Week

We want to thank everyone involved in the 2016 International Fraud Awareness Week. We had record-breaking involvement with more than 400 organizations, including 19 chapters, signing up to support Fraud Week. Supporters represented a variety of countries on six continents and a wide array of industries.

Many supporters hosted events and spread awareness at your workplaces and in your communities. The Heartland and Tampa Bay Chapters of the ACFE obtained official proclamations recognizing Fraud Week. Another supporter tackled nepotism as their main focus. Meals on Wheels in San Diego County included placemats with fraud alert information with meals delivered during the week.

Every bit of education and awareness that was passed on will make a difference in helping to prevent fraud.

For more information on the success of Fraud Week and a list of Fraud Week’s Top Free Resources, click here.

The next Fraud Week will take place November 12-18, 2017.