The ACFE Events Team Wants Your Feedback

As you well know, staying ahead of fraudsters requires constant professional and educational growth. To meet this challenge, the ACFE works diligently year-round to offer an array of anti-fraud learning opportunities, from core courses to advanced-level workshops.

As an active ACFE chapter, your assistance and feedback in planning and executing our events is crucial to their success. If your chapter has not submitted your feedback regarding training events and seminars, please
download the Chapter Assistance Form  to provide your input on the following areas:

  • What topics are of interest to your chapter members? (Seminar topics and detailed descriptions can be found at
  • Do you have any recommendations regarding convenient training locations (i.e., training centers, hotels, etc.)?
  • Does your chapter have a preferred time for training (i.e., time of year, month)?
  • What chapter events or other events in your area are you aware of that may compete with an ACFE event?

(Please note: we cannot guarantee that we will hold an event in your city; however, your assistance in answering the questions above is appreciated.)

We want to ensure your chapter members, other ACFE members and any interested parties benefit from ACFE training. Please solicit feedback from all of your active members and return the form to no later than April 4, 2016.