Sign Up and Support Fraud Week

by Sarah Hofmann, Public Relations Specialist

International Fraud Awareness Week, November 13-19, 2016, is an important time when organizations and individuals alike can show their dedication to preventing fraud in their communities. We would love for your chapter to be a part of it. As an ACFE chapter, you are an important ambassador for fraud awareness, and joining in Fraud Week efforts helps establish that to the public. 

Fraud Week is the perfect time to go a step further in your role as an anti-fraud professional and to start discussions amongst peers, coworkers, executives and stakeholders in your community about how important fraud prevention is to society as a whole. The first step to getting involved is for your chapter to sign up as a supporter at Sharing your support for Fraud Week is a great way to promote your chapter to your community and to establish it as a professional resource for those who may not be familiar with your important work. 

In addition to signing up, there are many other ways you can showcase your chapter. Here are some ideas of ways you can help educate those around you about the gravity and scope that fraud has:

  • Volunteer members of your chapter as experts to talk to different groups in the community on how to avoid common mistakes when preventing fraud
  • Post on social media or your chapter’s website using new badges and informative images with the hashtag #fraudweek
  • Print and post our free downloadable posters and infographics in your office, community center or anywhere you think people would benefit from learning more about fraud
  • Share videos of fraudsters explaining their crimes in order to give insight into how perpetrators begin on their paths, and how they attempt to cover their tracks
  • Involve your local chamber of commerce or city council to spread tips on fraud prevention for small businesses
  • Invite members of your community to an open chapter meeting to explain the importance of fraud examiners 

This year, the ACFE is happy to provide a number of new resources. We have new social media badges, infographics, videos and more. No matter how your chapter chooses to use this week, any work you do will help to reduce and mitigate fraud risk. 

Sign up today!