Updates to the Chapter Leaders Admin Page

As many of you know, certain chapter leaders have access to their chapter’s administration page, which provides resources to help grow their chapter. Over the next few months, we plan on adding more content. However, we need your input to make it successful. Here are two key resources we’re looking for right now. 

Qualified Event Speakers
One hot topic that chapters continuously mention is finding new speakers for their events. To make it easier for our chapters, we are putting together a speaker database. I recently sent an email to our chapter leaders asking them to provide suggestions for speakers to be added to the list. I have received some responses; however, for this to truly be a beneficial resource, I need more participation. 

If you recently had a speaker that put on a great presentation, please fill out this form and email Joey Broccolo their information. Since we do ask for contact information so other chapters can reach out to them, please ensure they give permission to share their details. 

Library of Documents
We would also like to create a library of documents that chapters can share with each other. For example, Chrysti Ziegler with the Houston Chapter posted in the Chapter Leaders Forum about a presentation she gave for students, and in her post she shared a helpful PowerPoint. Other chapter leaders are free to use this presentation as a template, if they speak to students as well. 

These are the types of documents that are useful for other chapters. If you have a document that your chapter has created that would be useful to other chapters, please post these documents to the Chapter Leaders Forum. I will add them in the chapter’s administration page. 

Please help in providing qualified event speakers and additional shared documents. The more chapters that participate, the more resources you have to help your chapter.