Tim Harvey, CFE, Looking Forward to Work With ACFE Chapters

By Ross Pry, ACFE Director of Membership

For nearly 10 years, ACFE’s Director of U.K. Operations, Tim Harvey, CFE, has played a significant role in the ACFE’s international growth. You may have seen him at one of our conferences or heard him give a presentation; he might have even given you information about our Corporate Alliance Program. But as we continue to grow, we all have to shift our priorities to accommodate our members’ changing needs. We are happy to announce that as of February 1, Tim Harvey has joined the ACFE’s chapter development team.

I am excited for Tim to move over to the chapter development team. As a chapter leader, an anti-fraud professional, speaker, writer and ACFE partner for nearly 10 years, he has the perfect skillset to work with chapter leaders around the globe.
— Joey Broccolo

As the current president of the U.K. Chapter, Tim understands the challenges that local chapters face and already has strong relations with many of the chapter leaders in Europe and the Middle East.

I am looking forward to working more closely with chapters around the world, as I believe each one of our 180 chapters is an opportunity to share and learn the most up-to-date and advanced means of fighting fraud. We have a global network of intelligence, best practices and experience which are all invaluable resources and powerful tools in our fight against crime.
— Tim Harvey

Tim joined the Metropolitan Police in 1979 and was a career detective, spending a third of his service at New Scotland Yard’s Fraud Squad. As the Detective Superintendent of the Economic Crime Department, he managed more than 120 investigators. He joined the City of London Police when they obtained government lead status for fraud in 2004. After retiring from the force, he became the Director of U.K. Operations for the ACFE, as well as a Justice of the Peace on the bench of Northamptonshire Magistrates Court.


Tim is available to speak for our local chapters. For information on having Tim speak at one of your events, please contact him at THarvey@acfe.com.

Local chapters are such an important aspect of ACFE membership, and our chapter leaders are the backbone for a successful local chapter. Therefore, devoting more resources to our chapter leaders is very important for the ACFE. I’m confident Tim and Joey will work together to continue to provide ACFE chapter leaders with the tools they need.