New Members Approved for Chapter Leaders Committee

I am excited to announce the Board of Regents recently approved three new members for the Chapter Leaders Committee. This committee will work directly with the ACFE by providing input and guidance to help develop and grow chapters worldwide.

The Chapter Leaders Committee is responsible for advising the ACFE on challenges chapters face and on solutions to those challenges. They help develop the agenda for the Chapter Leaders Meeting held in conjunction with the ACFE Global Fraud Conference. They also review the nominations and make recommendations for the chapter awards presented during the conference.

The new members of the committee are:
•    Jaco De Jager – South Africa Chapter
•    Ryan Hubbs – Houston Area Chapter
•    Jackie Walter – Heartland Chapter

They will join existing committee members:
•    Robert Cohen (committee chair) – Philadelphia Chapter
•    Robyn Shaw – Colorado Springs Chapter
•    Dave Kyman – San Diego Chapter
•    Alison Benbow – Oman Chapter
•    Chrysti Ziegler – Houston Area Chapter
•    Carmen Wiechers – Vancouver Chapter

In 2017, the committee decided on the content for the Chapter Leaders meeting, created training videos for our chapter leaders, helped identify ways to improve the Chapter Scholarship Challenge and much more. 

We’d like to thank each chapter leader for volunteering on the committee and we look forward to working with you in 2018.