Chapter Leader Profile: Mojca Koder, CFE

Mojca Koder, CFE, spent most of her career in finance and accounting but sought a new career in forensic accounting. This led to her becoming a CFE and one of the founding members and president of the ACFE Slovenia Chapter. When she is not at work or busy with chapter activities, she enjoys cycling, hiking and spending time outdoors.


What do you do for a living?
I lead the forensic and compliance practice at PwC Slovenia.

Why did you decide to enter the anti-fraud field?
After 17 years in finance and accounting, mainly as a CFO, I considered a career change. I then became interested in pursuing a career in forensic accounting.

How has the CFE benefited your career?
Immediately after passing the CFE Exam and earning my CFE credential, I got a job at PwC.

How long have you been involved with the chapter?
I have been involved with the chapter from the very beginning. A couple of colleagues and myself, who were professionally interested in fraud risk management, set up the chapter four years ago.

Why did you become active with the chapter and the board?
I was professionally and personally interested in promoting the fraud examiner profession, and the ACFE was, of course, the best way to support us in this goal.

What has been a highlight during your time on the board?
The increased number of Certified Fraud Examiners! When we started a discussion to establish the chapter, there were just three or four CFEs in Slovenia. However, it did not take long to meet the criteria to establish the chapter, and today the CFE credential is now widely recognized in the professional public.
What are the benefits of serving as a chapter leader?
The biggest benefit of serving as a chapter leader is networking with people from the same industry and exchanging knowledge and experiences with so many people from many different backgrounds.


What goals would you like to help the chapter accomplish?
My goal for the remainder of my time as president of the chapter will be to continue increasing chapter membership. My second term as president will expire at the end of this year, but I still plan to be involved in further development of the chapter.

Do you have any advice for other chapter leaders?
Sometimes it is quite a challenge to balance between our daily jobs and dedicating our free time to chapter development. However, at the end of the day, it is a great feeling to realize you have spent your time on the promotion of such a distinguished profession. 

What is your personal motto? Does it have any special meaning?
“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.”
― John Lennon

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date?
I am very proud of my curiosity and thirst for knowledge. To maintain that on a daily basis is my greatest achievement, not counting getting married and my child, of course.

What are your favorite activities and hobbies outside of work?
Cycling, hiking, spending time in the nature—all of these help to fight against daily stress and back pain due to long hours of sitting.