Welcoming New ACFE Chapters Around the World

As the CFE credential’s recognition increases globally and the ACFE continues to grow, so has the need for new local chapters.

Since the beginning of 2013, we have welcomed nine new ACFE chapters from all corners of the world.

Forming a new chapter is tough work and requires patience and persistence. Keeping a new chapter afloat requires a vision and dedication. I’m sure many of you remember the difficulties faced in a chapter’s first few years.

I would like to encourage current chapter leaders to reach out to the leaders of our newest chapters to welcome them to the chapter leader community:

FL - Palm Bay - Palm Bay Chapter #174

WV - Charleston - Charleston Chapter #173

India - Chennai Chapter #175

Lebanon - Lebanon Chapter #176

Spain - Madrid - Madrid Chapter #177

China - Shenzhen Chapter #178

Nigeria - Abuja Chapter #179

Peru - Lima Chapter #180

India - Rajasthan Chapter #181

If you don’t have a chance to reach out to any particular chapter, participating in the ACFE Chapter Leaders LinkedIn group is another great way to collaborate with other chapters worldwide.

This is a great opportunity to grow and strengthen the global network of chapter leaders and offer guidance on establishing the foundation for a great chapter.