Demographics Reports Available for Chapters

How much do you know about your membership? Of course you see familiar faces at meetings and recognize the names of many of your members, but do you know where they work, what they do and what interests them?

Request a demographics report for your chapter to determine who current and potential members are and what they are interested in. Compiled from ACFE’s membership records, this data will provide you an overview of the types of members in your region, which industries your fellow members are most likely to work in and other general data.

Below is a short guide to help you interpret the numbers and use the data to help grow your chapter.

Associate v. CFE:              

•    Use this information to help select training topics and level of training (a large number of Associates might mean you need to touch on basic level content in training or offer basic level training in general).
•    If there are a decent number of Associate members, offer incentives to become a CFE (monetary awards, etc.).  Should your chapter increase focus on helping people pass the CFE Exam?
•    Conduct a simple, online survey to see if the needs and wants of Associate members are similar to those of CFEs. If not, you can make changes to appeal to both groups.

Industry Code:                  

•    Also can be used to select training topics.
•    Consider the number of members working in government and law enforcement when scheduling and pricing events (different fiscal year than private industry).
•    Use this info to help attract sponsorships.
•    Have you reached out to educators in your area?

Job Code:   
•    Also important in determining topics for training.
•    Partner with educators to get into the local colleges and universities in order to establish an ACFE presence.
•    Graduating seniors are a potential source of new members that shouldn’t be overlooked.
•    Direction of training  if there is a good amount of lawyers then more attention might need to be devoted to legal ramifications, whereas if there are more auditors more attention might need to be devoted elsewhere).

Age Range:            
•    Do you need to focus more attention on attracting younger members, using social media, etc.?
•    Does your chapter have the demographics to create a mentoring program matching younger professionals with more experienced professionals?


•    Use this info to help attract sponsorships.
•    Helps identify training topics.

•    Should the chapter have a NASBA or state board of accountancy sponsorship for training?
•    Are there other organizations that have local chapters with whom you could partner with for training? If there are a lot of your members have a particular credential then your chapter and its training is probably applicable to that group too.

I hope that you will find this new resource helpful in making your chapter and chapter events more successful.  Request your demographics report today.