More Training Videos for Chapter Leaders

Earlier this year, I asked the Chapter Leaders Committee to create a series of training videos that other chapter leaders could watch to help them understand the fundamentals of running an ACFE chapter. These videos are great resources for new officers or directors and have valuable reminders for those who have been with a chapter for many years.

I am happy to announce we have two more videos available for our leaders.

  • Chapter Admin Site Benefits - by Alison Benbow, CFE, Oman Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

  • Sponsorships - by Tim Harvey, CFE, U.K. Chapter President

The Chapter Admin Site Benefits video details all the resources that we have available on the Chapter Admin Site. The Sponsorships video covers what sponsorships are and how they can benefit your chapter.

These videos add to our collection, which includes:

  • Chapter Board Member Orientation: Part 1 – by Robert Cohen, CFE, Philadelphia Area Chapter

  • Chapter Board Member Orientation: Part 2 – by Robert Cohen, CFE, Philadelphia Area Chapter

  • Roles of Chapter Officers - by Chrysti Ziegler, CFE, Houston Area Chapter

  • Basics of Running a Board Meeting – by Robyn Shaw, CFE, Colorado Springs Chapter

You can watch all the videos here. You will also be able to find the link to videos in the Chapter Admin site.

We hope these videos are a benefit to you. If you think of other topics that would be beneficial to other leaders, or would like to create your own video, please email Joey Broccolo.